Jewellery Care

Every piece of jewellery in HABIB is designed with delicate jewels and precious materials, made with utmost care. So it is important to take extra care to ensure the items stay in pristine condition for many years to come. Here are some tips to handle your HABIB jewellery:

  • To preserve the lustre on your jewellery, avoid direct contact with fragrance, cosmetics, household cleaning products and other chemicals. This is to prevent the chemicals from tarnishing your jewellery.


  • You should regularly clean your jewellery after use by wiping off skin oils and makeup residue with a soft, lint-free cloth prior to storage. You can clean them using a soft brush and soap-water solution before rinsing them in clean lukewarm water.  It is also recommended to clean your jewellery professionally at our HABIB showroom regularly.


  • For safekeeping, your jewellery should be stored individually in the jewellery box or pouch. You should avoid storing your jewellery together as direct contact with other pieces could cause scratches on their surface. When it comes to necklaces, you should lay them flat and close their chains to avoid tangling during storage.


  • To avoid impacts and scratches on your jewellery, please remove them before:-

    • Going to bed

    • Doing household and outdoor chores

    • Washing your hands

    • Any sport activities

    • Showering or swimming


  • Avoid applying excessive force on the clasps, joints or metal frames on your jewellery and be sure to check if they close properly. If you have any concerns, refrain from wearing them until you have it checked by our experts in HABIB showrooms.


  • Keep your jewellery away from any sources of heat and excessive temperature changes, particularly for diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Direct contact to heat can damage the delicate precious stones set on your jewellery.


  • For silver jewellery care, to prevent the item from tarnish, it required to be stored in an air tight container or individually wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, silver cloth or unbleached cotton muslin.