About Us

We will continue to uphold the HABIB promise of being your Personal Jewel Consultant

-   Dato’ Sri Meer Habib, Group Executive Chairman 


For over 60 years, HABIB has always been driven by a simple vision: to offer Malaysians uniquely different and exclusive world-class jewellery at honest and fair prices.

HABIB’s philosophy is founded on core values that underscore the importance of exceptional customer service, constant innovation, superior craftmanship and honest valuations.

The Story Behind HABIB



HABIB’s journey began over 60 years ago in 1958, when an enterprising young man named Habib Mohamad began his career in a jewellery store. Having worked his way up from being an assistant to becoming a participating partner, Habib understood real customer needs.

He later struck out on his own and opened the very first jewellery store along Penang’s famed “Jeweller’s Corner” on Pitt Street. Our late founder, Datuk Haji Habib Mohamed Latif established that HABIB, from the very beginning, is a unique brand that did things differently. At a time when gold was the mainstay of jewellers, we stood out by selling diamonds instead.

From that small bustling workshop emerged a range of jewellery of such exceptional quality that his clientele soon expanded. He realized that he could offer Malaysians something uniquely different – exquisite jewellery that reflects the heart of our nation and is honed by traditional skills, excellence and artistry.


Evolution of HABIB

Under the helm of our founder’s son, Dato’ Sri Meer Sadik Habib, the company’s business soon flourished. We opened our first jewellery store in Kuala Lumpur that quickly garnered popularity and gained a loyal following.

As HABIB quickly became a household name throughout Malaysia, we made a promise to continually rise above our customers’ expectations and provide them with the very best jewellery.

This expansion ultimately led to the creation of HABIB’s trademark masterpieces – distinctive jewellery that embodied the best of old world craftmanship combined with the best of new world standards.


Going Above And Beyond

To satisfy our customers’ growing desire for diamonds, we brought in The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond® from the United States, the Hearts On Fire diamond, into our showrooms.

Stephen Webster, a London based fine jewellery brand was also introduced into the Malaysian market, with the brand exclusively available at HABIB.

In 2011, we set the market ablaze with the world-famous, hand-finished jewellery by Pandora from Denmark, popular for their customisable charm jewellery.

Three years later, we became the sole Malaysian distributor of the funky, affordable luxury watch brand, Ice-Watch from Belgium.

Our other brands under the HABIB Group includes French jewellery brand Les Georgettes by Altesse, as well as Spanish jewellery brand, Tous.

Besides establishing partnerships with these world-renowned brands, HABIB has also entered into several local ventures over the years.

HABIB is the proud parent company of Chantique, which offers customers antique and pre-loved jewellery in mint condition; Ar-Rahnu Express, the first Islamic pawn-broking business that accepts diamonds, gemstones and gold; TimeZone and Jewels Hotel - Gem of the East - a popular hotel located in the heart of Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


Placing Importance In Our Values

Our vision is what drives us. We’re Malaysian. As the country’s premier jeweller, HABIB retails and distributes quality products that range from finely crafted gold jewellery to elaborate creations of diamonds and gems that reflect our nation’s rich heritage.

We are inspired to be part of a Malaysia where we are more than a shopping destination. A haven where fashion and style are woven into the very fabric of our souls.

We uphold our ethical values by being sincere and honest with our customers, and by ensuring that all of our materials are sourced responsibly. We have been able to transcend the increasing challenges from local and international markets and continue to uphold our promise of being “Your Personal Jewel Consultant”.

The name HABIB has now come to represent much more than just the jewellery business on which it was first founded. It is now a brand in its own right, epitomising the best of Malaysian creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and value.


Present Day

Today, HABIB is a multi-award-winning brand that stands as one of Malaysia’s premier jewellers with a diverse clientele from the United States, Europe and all over Asia including Dubai, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Hong Kong.

With the celebration of our company’s 60th Diamond Jubilee in 2018, it is evident that we are a brand that values our heritage and traditions. We are also committed to pleasing our customers by growing and adapting to their evolving preferences.


Looking Forward

We are committed to continue consistently delivering on all of our promises of exquisite jewellery to our valued customers and maintaining the integrity of our brand for the generations to come.

It brings us joy to bring happiness to our customers